Ansonia Clock Co., Ansonia, Connecticut. The "Bagdad" wall clock.

This example, called the “Bagdad,” is in a wonderful original condition. The case wood is black walnut and retains an older surface and good color. The applied turnings, molding and carvings are original to this clock. The front of the case features a large door. The glass in this door is decorated from the back with a very nice lacy design. This decorative pattern is in excellent original condition. The center of this design is left open in order to allow one to view the dial and the motion of the large brass pendulum bob. The dial is paper and applied to a tin pan. It is original to the clock and measures 8 inches in diameter. The time ring is formatted with Roman numerals. This example also displays the seconds on a subsidiary dial. The brass constructed, spring wound time only movement is die-stamped by the Maker on the front plate. It is designed to run eight days on a full wind. This clock measures approximately 50.5 inches long and was made circa 1900. The Bagdad was offered in three wood choices. They were black walnut, mahogany and oak. One also had several choices in terms of the movement design. They offered a striking option as well as spring or weight power.


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