E. Howard & Co., NO., 17? Boston, Massachusetts. A Marble Dial wall clock. 221167

The E. Howard & Co designed marble fronted clocks for use in hotels, libraries, churches, banking rooms, railroad depots and other large interiors. The distinctness of these dials and the ease in which they are kept clean, requiring no glass have earned these clocks an excellent reputation for their appearance and durability. This is an uncatalogued example but is very similar in formatting to the Model 16. The difference in the design between these two clocks is in the wing detail below the dial. The cataloged model features wings that are turned towards the ground. This model has its wings pointed upwards.

The front of this attractive clock is a single piece of marble that measures approximately one inch thick. This is mounted to a wooden frame that forms the case. Please note the unusual graining exhibited in the stone. The marble also forms the dial which measures approximately 19 inches in diameter. The dial is painted on the front surface. The time ring is formatted with a closed minute ring and large Roman style hour numerals. The hands are a traditional Howard form. The weight driven movement is brass construction. It is very good quality. The Maker’s name is die-stamped into the front plate. It reads, E. HOWARD & CO / BOSTON / 27. One can also see the Geneva stop work mounted on the right side of the front plate. The rod that is mounted above the movement is for rating the clock. The rod is fitted at the top of the case and connects to the pendulum. A knurled nut at the top is used for speed adjustments. The pendulum hangs in front of the movement. It features a wooden rod and a zinc bob that is covered in brass and wonderfully decorative. This bob can be viewed through the circular viewing aperture in the lower section of the case. It can be started by sliding a lever at the bottom of the case. This contacts the pendulum and starts it in motion.

This case measures 34 inches in length. This clock is designed to run for 8-days on a full wind and was made circa 1865.


About Edward Howard of Boston, Massachusetts.

The E. Howard & Company succeeded the Howard & Davis firm in 1857. The Howard and Davis firm was comprised of Edward Howard and David P. Davis and was established in 1842. Both men served their clock apprenticeship under the guidance of Aaron Willard Jr in Boston. The Howard & Davis firm made high-grade clocks, precision balances, sewing machines, fire engines, watches. After the dissolution of Howard and Davis, Edward Howard became Boston’s leading manufacturer of weight-driven residential, commercial, and tower clocks. Howard also sold a large number of watchman and salve clock systems. These sold well in the late 1800s.

It has been said that the E. Howard Clock company never made an inexpensive clock, and everything they made was of very good quality. As a result, Howard clocks have become very collectible and are prized by their owners. Today, the E. Howard clock name enjoys outstanding name recognition.

For a more in-depth reading of Edward Howard and his various businesses, please read “Willard’s Patent Time Pieces” written by Paul Foley.


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