Ansonia Clock Co. The Fisher Ball Swing Clock. An American made Mystery Clock. 221191

This is a fine example of an American Swing clock made by the Ansonia Clock Company, U. S. A. This form, the swing clock, was first cataloged by the Ansonia Company in the 1880s. The “Fisher Ball Swing” is an early model. This is a smaller example. The clock measures approximately 22.75 inches tall overall (17.5 inches tall to the top of the figure’s arm.) The patina on the statue is in good overall condition. It does have a number of small areas of loss to the original surface.

The mechanism and the swing are supported by the figure’s raised left arm. A circular tin enclosure measuring just over 4 inches in diameter protects the movement. The eight-day time only design is constructed in brass. It is powered by a coil spring and wound from the back with a key. It is fitted with a pendulum that swings behind it. The paper dial is original to this clock. It is in excellent condition. This dial features the Maker’s trademark just above the Roman hour numeral VI. It also reads, “MANUFACTURED BY THE ANSONIA CLOCK CO. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” in small lettering at the bottom of the dial under the minute ring. This dial is protected by glass. Below this upper section is the pivot point for the swing. Three delicate suspension springs provide the breakpoint. The remainder of the pendulum is composed of three rods and a classical male figures bust. When this clock is running, this entire unit moves or swings like the motion of a pendulum from side to side. This motion always attracts a lot of attention when these clocks are running in our shop. The mystery is, how does this clock operate?

This clock was made circa 1880 and originally sold for approximately $29.00.


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