Williams, Orton, Preston's, & Co. Brass works 8-day Ogee. Farmington, Connecticut. 221076

A rare and very collectible Ogee cased shelf clock with pasted label of Williams, Orton, Preston’s, & Co., of Farmington, Conn.

The mahogany veneered white pine case is slightly oversized measuring 31.75 inches tall, 18.5 inches wide and 5 inches deep. The top of the case is paneled. The veneers are in excellent condition and are richly grained. The original finish has mellowed and is now a subtle pleasing color. It has been lovingly rubbed out and cared for over the years.

The wooden dial is nicely decorated. It is painted white and varnished over. The varnish has yellowed slight over the tears. The decorations are presented on gilt. The corners and the center ring is decorated with applied gesso scrolling. The gesso raises the designs up off the surface of the dial. The minute ring is closed. The our numerals are depicted in a Roman style. The center of the dial has been left open so one can see that this clock has a brass made movement.

The brass constructed movement closely resembles those made by Jonathan Clarke Brown. It is unusually well finished. It is weight driven and is a time and strike design. The time weight is 11 pounds. The escape-wheel has 30 teeth. The pinions are the "bird cage" type. The staves, pinions and escape-wheel arbors are nicely polished. This clocks strikes each hour on a wire gong that is mounted below the works. The striking system is actuated by a count-wheel.

The pasted label is very nicely detailed. It was printed by Joseph Hurbut in Hartford. The label features a classical shaped facade. It is designed with Doric capped fluted columns that support an arch. Within the arch is the E.Pluribus Unum patriotic banner that features an American eagle. The eagle is depicted with its wings outstretched, it claws clutching arrows, and American shield and branches of holly. Below this are the directions for setting the clock up and operating it. In the middle is the company advertisement. This reads, "EIGHT-DAY / BRASS / CLOCKS / MANUFACTURED AND SOLD / BY / Williams, Orton, Preston’s, & Co. / FARMINGTON, CONN. / AT WOLESALE AND RETAIL…"

This clock was made circa 1838 and is considered an early example. This clock is inventory number 221076.

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