Waltham Clock Company of Waltham, Massachusetts. Tall or Hall clock retailed by Tiffany & Co., New York. This is the Pattern No. 82. 220100

This impressive Hall clock is the product of Waltham Clock Company of Waltham, Massachusetts, and was retailed by Tiffany & Company of New York, New York.

This monumental example features an ornately carved European walnut case. It stands all of 9 feet tall. The Pattern No. 82 was the most elaborately carved example that was offered by the Waltham Clock Company. It is listed in their 1900 catalogs. Expertly executed carvings decorate all the wooden surfaces from top to bottom.

The brass composite dial is referenced as the Chime Dial No., 1 and features applied details such as chapter rings, applied Arabic hour numerals, and pierced brass spandrels. A functional painted moon phase or lunar month dial is located in the arch. The lunar month is 29 1/2 days in length. This dial is also fitted with two subsidiary selectors in the upper spandrel areas. These manually operated selectors are used to turn portions of the strike train on and off. The one on the left is titled STRIKE / SILENT, which operates the hours. The selector on the right, CHIME / SILENT, is used for the quarter-hour strike. The Tiffany & Co badge is mounted on the dial above the 6 o’clock hour. This indicates that this clock was retailed by Tiffany & Company in New York. Tiffany & Company retailed some of the highest quality items during this time, and this clock was no exception.

The brass-constructed movement is of excellent quality. The front plate of the movement is die-stamped with the Waltham Clock Company trademarks. The movement is weight-powered. The escapement is a deadbeat design. It is a three-train clock which allows it to keep time, strike the hour and the quarter hours. It is designed to run for an eight-day duration. It plays on five quality Durfee Tubular chimes. It strikes each hour on a single large tubular chime. It will also strike each of the quarter hours on four graduated tubular chimes in a Westminster striking cycle. The sound quality is very good.

This case is approximately 9 feet tall, 30 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. It was made circa 1900. This complex case design is constructed in European walnut and retains an older finish that has been recently rubbed out. The surface is excellent. This case design incorporates numerous carved moldings and architectural forms. These decorations are artfully displayed throughout the design of the case. They are three dimensional in their design. Some of these extend almost three inches off the structure of the furniture. This model was in my opinion, Waltham’s most complex and finest offering.

Waltham signed movements are always constructed to the highest standards of the day. This movement helps substantiate that point. The four turned pillars are substantial and support the two large scraped decorated brass plates. Hardened steel shafts support the polished steel pinions and brass gearing. The movement is a three train design. This means that it will keep time or run for eight-days on a full wind. It is designed to strike each hour on a single tubular bell that measures approximately 7 feet long. Because of its long length, it provides a deep and low sounding tone is wonderful. This movement is also designed to strike each quarter hour. The quarter hour sequence is progressive and is played on as many as 4 additional tubular chimes that hang in the back of the case. Each of the tubes are die-stamped with Waltham die-stamp. This clock strikes the Westminster chime sequence which was made popular by the installation of the House of Parliament clock in London. This clock is better known as Big Ben. The sound is wonderful. This movement is fitted with maintaining power. The winding drums are grooved. The escapement is a Deadbeat arrangement. The pendulum rod is steel and it supports a large brass faced bob. The three drive weights are covered in brass. All of these components are highly finished.

This tall case or hall clock stands an impressive 108 inches 9 feet tall and measures 30 inches wide and is a full 20 inches deep. This clock was made circa 1905. It is the best example of this form we have ever encountered.


About Waltham Clock Company of Waltham, Massachusetts.

The various forms of the Waltham Clock and Waltham Watch Companies enjoyed a solid reputation for making quality clocks. It was first established in Waltham, Massachusetts in January of 1897 as the Waltham Clock Company in Waltham, Massachusetts. Their products were excellent quality, first selling primarily hall clocks, shelf clocks and then wall clocks. In 1913 they sold out to the watch making giant Waltham Watch but continued to make clocks under the Waltham Clock name until 1923 when the name was changed to the Waltham Watch and Clock Company. In 1925 the name was again changed, this time to the Waltham Watch Co. It is reported that pendulum clock production ended sometime around 1930.


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