Abiel Chandler Lyre Timepiece. Concord, New Hampshire origin.

This is a fine example of a mahogany cased lyre form wall clock or timepiece made in Concord, New Hampshire by Abiel Chandler, circa 1830.

The case is mahogany and retains an older finish. The patina is excellent and compliments the rich graining exhibited throughout the construction of the case. The clock is surmounted with a turned wooden finial. This is fitted onto a simply formed plinth. The half round turned bezel is wood and is fitted with glass. This allows one access to the painted iron dial. This dial is signed by the Clockmaker in script writing. This legitimate signature is some what difficult to read. The throat frame is unusual. The vast majority of these clocks feature carvings. This example features a flat molding. This frames a wonderfully grained mahogany panel. It is from the shape of this frame that this clock form gets it’s name. The shape is similar to that of musical harp or lyre a instrument. The lower box features a canted boarder that frames another richly grained mahogany panel. This is actually a door that allows one access to the pendulum. Below this box is mounted a mahogany plinth or bracket which terminates with an acorn drop finial. The weight driven movement is brass, It is designed to run eight days on a full wind. It is good quality.

This clock measures approximately 40 inches long.

About Abiel Chandler of Concord, New Hampshire.

Abiel Chandler was born in Concord, New Hampshire on April 2, 1807. He was one of twelve children born to Major Timothy Chandler and his wife Sarah Abbot. Abiel was the youngest son. Seven of Abiel’s brothers an sisters died at a young age and three became insane. It is thought that Abiel and his brother Timothy, were both trained by their father to be clockmakers and are listed as working with him in the 1820’s. In 1829, Abiel enters a partnership with his Father as “A. Chandler & Co.” It is also reported that in this year, he traveled to Boston to learn how to make Willard’s Patent Timepieces. Abiel died in Concord on April 22, 1881. He is listed in the records as a clockmaker, silversmith and a mathematical instrument maker. Several signed surveying instruments are have been recorded. Over the years, have owned and sold several shelf clocks, New Hampshire mirror wall clocks, lyre and patent timepieces signed by this Maker.


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