Ithaca NO.10 Framers Model double dial calendar shelf clock. 222006

The Ithaca Clock Company cataloged this clock, the Number 10 Farmer’s in 1874. The walnut case measures 21.25 long, 12 wide and approximately 4.75 deep. This case retains an older patina. Both dials measure 8 inches in diameter and are original to the clock. They are printed on paper and applied to a zinc pan. The lower dial bears the Maker’s name and place location. It displays the day of the week, the month, and the calendar day. The month and calendar are dispalyed on rolls that are positioned behind the dial. The appropriate information is shown through the rectangular slots cut in the dial. Both rolls are also original to the clock and are in very good condition. The upper dial displays the time. It does have a couple of small tears in the paper. These areas have been reglued and are stable. The movement is brass construction. It is powered by two eight-day springs. It is a time and strike design, striking the hour on a wire gong. The backboard is designed to allow one access to the mechanism. (This clock also opens from the back.) The clockmaker’s labels are pasted onto this backboard.

Henry B. Horton formed the Ithaca Calendar Clock Company in 1865 in Ithaca, New York. By 1917, the firm was bankrupt, and on March 14, 1917, the real estate and personal property of the firm were sold to settle all debts.


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