This exceptional French-made Crystal Regulator table clock is designed to run for over a year on a single wind! 222004

A unique feature of this clock is its intricate gilt equipoise compound pendulum. It is mounted above the movement and rocks slowly beating the seconds. The amplitude of this motion is mesmerizing. This unusual pendulum is designed with two weighted spheres, one at each end. These are supported or mounted on the ends of a structure that resembles a truss. The center point is fitted above the double suspension springs. The power comes from a coil spring enclosed in a brass canister. This spring is designed to power this movement for 400 days! The escapement is a deadbeat. Two round brass plates support the gearing and shafts. They are mounted on a heavy cast brass stand inside the case. The backplate is stamped “3905 / Brevete / S.G.D.G.” Brevete is the French word for Patent, and many French clocks made from 1850-to 1950 have Brevete stamped on the back. It is the legal registration of some element of the clock or all of it. S.G.D.G. is often also stamped on the back of French clocks. It stands for “Sans Guarantee Du Government which translates to mean in English “Without guarantee from the Government.” It was required to be stamped on all objects with a legal patent from 1844 until 1968, especially those manufactured for export. Several French manufacturers produced clocks for high-end jewelers, and as a result, they would not put on their own names. Jewelers in America such as Tiffany, Shreve Crump & Low, Bigelow & Kennard would put their own firm names on the dials of these clocks and sell them in their retail shops here in this country.

The porcelain dial measures 4.5 inches in diameter. This is framed in a brass bezel that is 5.5 inches in diameter. The outer enamel ring is formatted with sixty-minute divisions and Roman-style hour numerals. Several hairlines can be seen on the enamel surface. Steel-shaped hands indicate the time. The inner section of the dial displays the seconds and the power duration of the spring. The “WIND UP” hand shows the amount of power in terms of days left in the spring.

This handsome case is composed of a gilt brass frame set with four beveled glass panels. The front and back panels are hinged and provide access to the interior of the case. Molded black Belgian slate is used for the top and the bottom. The contrast in the dark color against the brass framing is attractive. This clock has the following dimensions: 13.75” tall, 9.5” wide, and 6.75” deep.

Inventory #222004


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