221148 Thwaites & Reed, Clerkenwell, England. A rosewood and inlaid case bracket timepiece. 221148.

This very attractive bracket clock features an engraved brass dial that is signed, “THWAITES & REED / CLERKENWELL .” The firm Thwaites & Redd is listed as Clock and Watchmakers. The firm claims to have a history in clockmaking as far back as 1610. In addition, it has a strong history of making tower clocks.

Clerkenwell is an area located in central London. During the Industrial Revolution, the area became the center for breweries, distilleries, and the printing industry. It gained a special reputation for the making of clocks, marine chronometers and watches.

The case is constructed in rosewood. Rosewood has a vibrant grain pattern. The present high gloss finish enhances the deep rich color of the wood. The rosewood used here is a light brown color striped with numerous dark streaks. This is the natural pattern of rosewood. The contrast in color is excellent. The case is also nicely decorated with fanciful inlay patterns. This case stands on four turned feet. These are applied to the bottom of the case and feature a simple design. The base molding features a broad flat facing before transitioning to the shaped molding. This flat facing is decorated with an inlay pattern of swags. This treatment is also repeated on the side of the base. Above this is the access door. This and the canted corners of the case are also decorated with different inlay patterns. The sides and back of the case are fitted with panels. The panels incorporate a pierced brass grill that is backed in silk. The color of this can easily be changed if one wishes. The top of the case is fitted with four cast brass urn finials. They are positioned at each corner. The domed top of the case is inlaid at the forward gable end.

The dome-shaped dial is brass. It is decorated with floral engravings. The Maker’s signature and working location are centered in this vine display. The time ring is formatted with Roman-style hour numerals. The minute ring is closed. This dial is treated with a silver wash for contrast. The time is indicated by the black steel hands decorated with elongated fleur-de-lis.

The single train fusee movement is designed to run for eight days on a full wind. The movement is heavy and well made. The construction is typical of English production.

This clock measures approximately 21 inches tall, 14.75 inches wide and 10. inches deep. This clock was made circa 1895.


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