A fine wall hanging drop dial clock signed RATTRAY / DUNDEE. 222025

James Rattray started his business in Dundee, Scotland, about 1850. It appears he took over the location and shop of Mr. William Henderson. James quickly earned a reputation for being a capable clock, watch and chronometer maker, jeweler, and gold and silversmith. His business enjoyed over 100 years of success. His most prominent location was at 28 Nethergate. He died in 1895, and the business was continued by his son George.

This is a very attractive "drop dial clock" or "Pub Clock." Circular-shaped dial clocks are extremely popular in the United Kingdom. The form was made over 160 years. The latter production was used extensively in public buildings that included railroad stations, offices, and pubs. This version, having a long drop below the dial to accommodate a longer pendulum, is not often seen. This form was far more popular in America and is similar in shape to the Seth Thomas No 2 and the E. Howard model No 70.

This case is constructed in mahogany and has been recently refinished. The color is warm and the finish is clean. The brass bezel is fitted with glass and opens to access the flat painted iron dial. This heavy dial measures approximately 11.5 inches in diameter across the time ring. The hours are displayed in bold Roman-style figures. The minute divisions are boxed, and triangles are used as the five-minute markers. The blued steel hands indicate the time. The hour hand has a large spade-shaped tip, and the minute hand is long and narrow. This clock is signed on the dial "RATTRAY / DUNDEE."

The movement is of excellent quality. It is heavily constructed in brass. The plates are rectangular-shaped and are supported by four straight brass pillars that are pinned on the front plate side. It is a spring-powered fusee design and retains its original chain drive. This movement is designed to run for eight days on a full wind and features a dead-beat escapement and maintaining power. The pendulum hangs from a bridge-mounted to the back of the movement. The pendulum rod is steel and the bob is brass-faced.

The clock case measures 32.5 inches long. The wonderfully shaped wooden dial bezel is 16.75 inches in diameter. Here the case is 6.75 inches deep. Access doors are located on the sides of the case.


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