The "Tunis" by the William Gilbert Clock Company of Winsted, CT. Mantel clock.  -SOLD-

This hard to find model is referred to as the “Tunis.” It is loosely called a crystal regulator or a Four Glass clock. The gilt metal case retains it’s original finish and features a wonderful mellow patina. The decorative design patterns are deeply constructed or raised up off the main surfaces. This is a very interesting look and is a unique form to this Maker. The movement is brass and is of standard Connecticut quality. The back plate is die stamped with the MakerÕs name and working location. The spring powered movement is designed to run for eight-days on a full wind. It will also strike each hour on a wire gong. In addition to striking the hour, it will also strike once on each half hour. The ivory porcelian dial measures approximately 4.5 inches in diameter and displays a visible escapement. This clock stands 10.5 inches tall. 8.75 inches wide. It was made circa 1906. This is an excellent example.


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