Chauncey Jerome, The Paris model. A mantel clock under a glass dome.

This very attractive clock was made by Chauncey Jerome of New Haven, Connecticut in the early 1850’s. These were original constructed in several formats and various combinations of materials. Some examples had papier mache facades others like this example featured a pressed brass front. All of which featured a Samuel Norton Botsford balance wheel escapement. Samuel Botsford was a Bristol Connecticut native born in 1815. He was considered by many to be a brilliant inventor. He invented the double wheeled escapement in this clock and was also very interested in setting off gun powder with an electrical charge.

This Paris model is a very attractive clock. The wooden base sets up on three ball feet. The outside front facade of the base retains it’s original stencil decoration which is in surprisingly very nice original condition. The wooden base provides a platform for the protective glass dome and is a mounting point for the clock. The dome is original to this clock. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to photograph in place due to the reflections that appear in the curves. The framing for the dial is repousse brass. The brass is pressed thin and the details are excellent. This facade retains it’s original guilding. It is designed and constructed in this manner to imitate the fancy French clocks of the same period. To give the case even more of French flair you will find the word “Paris” embossed in the pressed brass below the dial. The porcelain dial is in nearly perfect condition. The time ring features finely formatted Roman hour numerals. The movement is spring driven and may run eight days on a full wind. It incorporates in it’s design the Botsford improved patent having brass plates, a large horizontal balance wheel and an odd looking escapement, which is often referred to as the American Grasshopper escapement. It makes a very distinctive sound when running and is visually interesting to to watch it’s operation.

This clock measures approximately 11.5 inches tall, 8 inches wide and 5 inches deep. It was made circa 1850.

About Chauncey Jerome of New Haven, Connecticut.

Chauncey Jerome was born in 1793 in Canaan, Connecticut the son of a blacksmith and a nail-maker. He has a storied history in the Connecticut clock industry, becoming one of our Nations giant employers and producers during his lifetime. His autobiography has been reprinted and is available to purchase at the American Clock and Watch Museum in Bristol, CT. It is a worthy read.


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