Daniel Pratt & Sons Reading, Mass. Shelf clock. -Sold-

This very colorful clock was retailed by Daniel Pratt & Sons of Reading, Massachusetts. The case is made from papier-mache. Papier-mache is made from Paper rosin, flour and glue. It is a laminate forming a paperboard. It was also used in the manufacture of tables, fire screens small boxes and vases. This example retains a very high percentage of it’s original decoration. These include mother of pearl inlays, gilt designs and painted florals. This decoration is in good original condition. Much of the gilt design trims the two brass bezels mounted on the front of the case. The upper bezel protects the painted zinc dial which measures approximately 8 inches in diameter. Glass is fitted into a brass bezel that is hinged on the right. This dial is original to this clock and features a time ring that is formatted with Roman numerals. The movement is constructed in brass. It is spring wound and features a full strike train. This clock will strike the hour. The lower and smaller bezel is also fitted with glass. This door provides access to the pendulum. The Retailer’s label is pasted on the backboard of the interior of this case.


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