Tiffany & Company / Flemish Oak Hall Clock. Grandfather clock. 213016

This impressive Hall clock is the product of several firms and was retailed by Tiffany & Company of New York, New York.

The case was constructed by the Tobey Furniture Company of Wabash Avenue and Washington Street in Chicago, Illinois. Little is currently known of this firm other than they constructed high quality cases of the Sheraton, Colonial, Gothic and Italian Renaissance forms. It appears that they were sales agents for the J. J. Elliott & Company of London due to the fact that many of their cases feature these very high quality movements. This example, cataloged as No. 3661 is titled a "FLEMISH OAK HALL CLOCK."

This decorative example features a carved oak case and stands a full 8 feet 4 inches tall. This case rests on four compressed ball or bun feet. The base features a carved panel that is inset and trimmed with a large molding. This panel features a medieval scene where there are three gentlemen playing a game around an table in the town square. It is interesting to note that I have seen at least two other scenes depicted in this area that share a similar case format. The most common of these seems to be a tavern scene. The waist section is long and is pinched in from the waist and bonnet. Full length columns flank the sides of the case and terminate with carved lion heads. The waist door is a rectangular shape and is fitted with heavy beveled glass. The glass enables one to view the motion of the brass faced pendulum bob and the brass cased weights. Additional carved details including swags and florals decorate this waist area. The bonnet is the most heavily carved section of this case. The arched pediment is fitted with a carved facade that features three bearded men. Two turned and carved finials are supported by the outer corners of the bonnet. The upper hood molding is elaborately carved. The hood door is arched and fitted with beveled glass. It opens to access the dial.

The decorative brass dial features applied details such as chapter rings, numerals, and spandrels. It is signed here by the retailer Tiffany & Co. This dial features a rolling moon mechanism with engrave world hemispheres, subsidiary seconds with Arabic numerals every ten seconds, and both a silent/strike and Whittington / Westminster selectors in the upper corners.

The brass movement is of excellent quality and looks to be of English manufacture. It was most likely constructed by J. J. Elliot. of London. It is a three train clock which allows it to keep time, strike the hour and the quarter hours. It is designed to run for an eight-day duration. It strikes the hour on a large coil gong. It will also strike the quarter hours on four gongs if one selects the Westminster striking cycle or on eight bells if you choose the Whittington tune. The sound quality is very good. The movement is weight powered. The escapement is a deadbeat design. This clock was made circa 1915.

This clock was originally retailed Tiffany & Company of New York City circa 1900. It is thought that Tiffany & Company did not make clocks in this late period. Their business model was to purchase high grade clocks and components and assemble them. They in tern marketed and sold the finish product as their own. This clock is a very good example of the practice having a J. J. Elliot style movement and a Tobey Furniture case. This example exhibits very good form and is the best quality and construction found in this period.

This clock is inventory number 213016.


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