An unsigned inlaid mahogany longcase clock of Scottish origin.

This case features very good selections of mahogany and is delicately inlaid with dark stringing and a lighter geometric pattern. The finish is warm and inviting and accentuates the brown coloring in the mahogany.

This case stands on simply formed applied bracket feet. The base features a narrow cross-banded border which frames a lovely veneered panel. The waist is fitted with a rectangular shaped door that shares the construction design found in the base. This door is trimmed with a molded edge. The bonnet is a swan’s neck pediment form. The molding exhibit good elevation and terminate in inlaid pinwheels. The bonnet door is arched and fitted with glass. This door is flanked by an intricate inlay pattern that forms what are traditionally called as bonnet columns. This inlay pattern is used in the waist section of the case as well.

The iron dial is colorfully painted. The arch features a lovely coastal scene. A well dress couple is standing on the shore overlooking a sialing ship with three large masts. It is anchored peacefully in a harbor. The spandrel areas are decorated with representations of the four continents. The time and strike movement is brass, eight-day duration and of good quality.

This clock stands approximately 7 feet 5 inches tall and was most likely made in Scotland, circa 1840. It is inventory number 27086.


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