E. Howard & Co., of Boston, MA. Model No. 10. Figure Eight. "House and Counting-Room Clock". Smallest size. -SOLD-

This model number 10 or the “Figure Eight” form is arguably one of the most attractive antique wall clock forms in today’s marketplace. This example is the smallest of 5 different sizes measuring 2 feet 9 inches long. The case is made of black walnut and retains an older finish. The condition of which is very, very good making this a very desirable example. The 8 inch dial is iron and retains it’s original signature which is done in a script format. The weight driven movement is brass and of very good quality. The Maker’s name can be found die-stamped on the front plate. The pendulum rod is made of seasoned cherry and retains its original gilding. The pendulum bob is zinc. It is covered in brass for compensation. The brass is decorated in concentric engraved rings. The throat glass is original to the clock. The center section has been left open in the center so that one can view the motion of gilded pendulum rod. The lower tablet also appears to be original to this clock. It is painted in the traditional E. Howard colors of black, red and gold. The weight board is painted black. It not only provides a guide for the weight or protection for the pendulum but is also used as a field of color for the pendulum to swing in front of. The weight is cast iron and is original to this clock. This clock is designed to run for 8 days on a wind and was made circa 1875.

Edward Howard was born in Hingham, Massachusetts in the year 1813. He began his five year clock apprenticeship service to Aaron Willard, Jr. at the age of sixteen. There he met David P. Davis and later formed a partnership under the firm name Howard & Davis. In 1857, Davis left the firm and Howard formed the “Howard Watch and Clock Co.” more commonly known as the “E. Howard Clock Co. Edward Howard continued in business and built wonderfully made clocks for the home and for commercial or public settings. In 1882 he retired with a wonderful reputation.

Please note the photos of this clock were taken before we had a chance to service it.


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