John McCall of DalKeith, Midlothian, Scotland. Tall case clock.

This is a fine inlaid mahogany long case clock with painted dial signed “John McCall DalKeith.” DalKeith, Midlothian is a town located on the River Esk just short of 10 miles from the capital city of Edinburgh which is to the northwest. John McCall s listed in Donald Whyte's book, Clockmakers & Watchmakers of Scotland as working in 1829.

This is a wonderful example having an inlaid mahogany case. It is a manageable size and exhibits narrow proportions and richly grained mahogany wood selections throughout its construction. This case has been appropriately refinished in a rich brown color. This case stands on an applied bracket base. The base features a thin cross banded mahogany boarder that forms a frame and centers a figured mahogany veneered panel. The cross-banding and the central panel are separated by a thin satinwood line inlay. The waist section is fitted with a simply shaped door that shares the formatting found in the base panel. This door is positioned above an Irish panel that features an inlaid oval. The sides of the waist are are fitted with quarter columns that terminate in tuned wooden capitals. These columns are fully fluted. The bonnet features a swan's neck pediment. The moldings appear to be some what compressed due to the fullness of the facade'. They terminate in brass rosettes and help center a brass finial that is mounted on the central plinth. This bonnet is nicely inlaid. Fully turned columns that share the construction format found in the waist columns are mounted in brass capitals. These flank the arched and glazed bonnet door. This door is hinged and opens to access the painted iron dial.

This dial is signed by the Maker between the hours of nine and three. The signature is a block letter format. The colorfully painted art work located in the arch of this dial depicts a sportsman's theme. A country gentleman sits at the foot of a large tree with a rifle in one hand and a rabbit in the other. He is well dressed and obviously a good shot. His two prized companions sit aside of him as he admires his good fortune. Each of the the spandrel areas are colorfully paint decorated in floral themes. The time track is features large Roman hour numerals. Arabic numerals are used in the subsidiary seconds and calendar dials.

The time and strike movement is brass, eight-day duration and of good quality.

DalKeith, Midlothian is a town located on the River Esk just under 10 miles away from the capital city of Edinburgh which is to the northwest.

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