E. Howard & Co., of Boston, MA. Model No. 1. "Wall Regulator." "Watchmakers', Bank and Public Office Clock." -SOLD-

This very impressive wall timepiece is called the E. Howard Model Number 1. It was manufactured by the E. Howard & Company of Boston, Massachusetts. It was originally marketed as a regulator for watchmaker and was also advertised as being, "Well adapted for banks, insurance offices and large rooms."

The E. Howard & Company offered five separate sizes of this Banjo form. This example is the largest of the five graduated sizes measuring 4 feet 2 inches long. For comparison, the smallest example measures 29 inches long and is called the Model Number 5. Because of this clockmakers popularity, this Model Number 1 has become difficult to find in today's marketplace.

Traditionally, the banjo cases are constructed in cherry and are grain with india ink to simulate the rich grain pattern found in rosewood. This is true of this example. The graining exhibited here is excellent. The frames are fitted with reverse painted tablets or glasses. The black, gold and red are the traditional E. Howard & Company color combinations. The weight driven movement is constructed in brass and is excellent quality. It is designed to run eight days on a full winding. It features a Graham Dead Beat Escapement, a Geneva Stop winding mechanism and maintaining power. The Maker’s name is die-stamped into the front plate, "E. Howard & Company, Boston." Both plates are highly finished in a damascene deign. The 12 inch enameled dial is iron and is signed by the Maker. This model, again the largest size, features a seconds bit on the dial. The other four Howard banjo models do not. This dial is signed in block lettering by the Maker. The original weight is cast in iron. The brass bob features a ring turned and damascene design. This is also in excellent condition. The bob is supported by the original wooden rod.

This clock was made circa 1880 and is an very good example. It is considered a very accurate time keeper.


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