French made Crystal Regulator retailed by the Canadian Retailer Henry Birks & Sons. -SOLD-

This is large and ornate French made crystal regulator. It measures approximately 13.25 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 6 inches deep. This case is solid brass and has been recently polished and lacquered. It is decorated with various moldings and fancy floral theme applicays. It stands on four brass pad feet. The four sides are fitted with heavy beveled cut glass. The front and back sections serve double duty as doors and allow one access to the movement and dial. The front two columns are fluted and are capped with Corinthian capitals. These are positioned on either side of the front door. The dial is brass and is finished with a gilt wash. The time ring is formatted with Arabic style hour numerals. It is also signed by the Retailer in this location. The case and movement are of French origin. The quality is excellent and the clock is designed to run eight days on a full wind striking the hour on the hour on a wire gong that is mounted in the back of the case. The pendulum used in this example is the standard for this form.

This fine clock was made circa 1900.


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