Seth Thomas., The "Hotel." Mantel clock. -SOLD-

This clock was made by the Seth Thomas Clock Company and was cataloged in 1900. It is called the “Hotel.” In today’s marketplace, it is a very difficult model to find. As a result, we have seen very few of these clocks for sale.

This example stands 18 inches tall, 14 inches wide and just under 7 inches deep. The case is constructed in oak and retains a lovely golden color. (I should also mention that this model was also offered in walnut and in mahogany.) The sides of the case are fitted with brass grates that allow the sound from the strike to more easily escape the case. The front door of the clock is decorated with carved quarter fans that frame the fitted glass opening to the dial. A gilt trim ring is attached to the interior of the door. The door opens to a painted 8 inch dial. The dial pan retains it’s original painted surface. It is in good condition. The hours are indicated with Roman numerals. This dial also features a subsidiary seconds dial and the Maker’s trademark. The spring driven eight day, time and strike movement is constructed in brass. The front plate of the movement is die-stamped by the Maker. It features a Geneva Stop winding mechanism and a seconds hand. This movement is designed to run eight days on a full wind and to strike each hour on the hour on a wire gong. This wire gong is advertised as a Cathedral Bell. It sounds wonderful. The bell stand is die stamped with a patent date. The pendulum bob is brass. The rod is made of wood.

This example is in very good condition and is ready to enjoy. It was made in January of 1888 and is so dated on the back of thecasein the Sethh Thoams code that reads, “88811.”


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