Proctor's Patent. Seth Thomas Illuminating alarm clock. -SOLD-

SS-10 Seth Thomas. An Illuminating Alarm Clock.


This clock answers the triple purpose of a Time-piece, a Burglar and Fire Alarm, and lights a lamp at the moment the Alarm Strikes.

This is an Illuminated Alarm Clock.

The clock was made by the Seth Thomas Clock Company of Thomaston, Connecticut and was circa 1853 -1859. This very basic nine inch cottage clock was produced for 45 years having under gone minor changes along the way. This example features the traditional rosewood veneered case that retains an original finish, zinc painted dial, steel “S” & “T” hands, 30-hour time and alarm spring powered movement and Seth Thomas label. Where this example differs is that it was fitted with a illuminating feature, that when set, it would light the oil lamp which is fitted into the top of the case. This operates in conjunction with the alarm bell mounted inside the case. The oil lamp is removable or portable depending on your perspective. When the alarm is set. A match is positioned on a spring loaded arm in a holder at the top of the case. This is spring loaded. When the alarm is tripped, it releases and the match strikes a textured surface in order to ignite and start the oil lamp. All of this while the alarm hammer strike the interior bell. The result is that the user is awaken or startled and the room becomes illuminated so that the user can see. If used as a burglar alarm, the owner is awaken to see the trouble.

We have seen several variations of this design on numerous clock forms which include a steeple clock and versions of cottages examples by various Makers. I have to believe that many of these novelty clocks have burned up over the years. It is easy to imagine that the match could be easily thrown across the room because it wasn’t secured adequately. Or that the clock may vibrate off the table, chest, etc. while broadcasting the alarm. The result would be a split oil lamp on the floor.

These clock have become very collectable. This ia nice example.


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