A wonderful inlaid birch case tall clock of Central New Hampshire origin.  -SOLD-

This very attractive birch case tall clock is decoratively inlaid. It is diminutively scaled measuring a mere 87.5 inches tall. Yet the porportions a still successful. This case has been recently refinished and features a warm cherry coloring. The case stands up on a cutout bracket base. The feet transition into a nicely shaped apron that hangs from the base. This section is decorated with an inlaid border of framing. The pattern is comprised of a light wood diamond inlays that is laid out in a linear format. Sections of darker wood separate each diamond. The frame forms a box. The lower border continues around and through the side of the base. This visually separates the feet from the base section. In the center of the forward base panel is an oval inlay of curly maple. The waist section is fitted with a large rectangular waist door. This is trimmed with and applied molding. The door is also line inlaid with a multiple string pattern dominated by a darker wood. A lighter line is used for accent. The line pattern is a basic rectangle and features cut out corners. The sides of the waist are fitted with brass stop fluted quarter columns that terminate in brass quarter capitals. These are supported on inlaid plinths. The inlay pattern features parallel strings. These are formatted with light wood tulips or bell flowers on a darker field. The bonnet features a traditional New England style fretwork pattern. Three fluted finial plinths are surmounted with three brass ball and spiked finials. The molded arch molding is supported by fluted columns which are placed on either side of the bonnet door. These are also stopped with brass rods and terminate at each end in brass Doric capitals. Smoothly turn quarter columns are positioned in the back corners of the bonnet. A rectangular opening is fitted with glass on the bonnet sides. The arched bonnet door is also fitted with glass. This is framed with additional line bell flower pattern inlays on the outer hood frame. The door opens to access a nicely painted dial which is unsigned.

This imported Wilson dial is colorfully paint decorated. The arch features a lovely scene. It is interesting to note that dials that depict three large birds in the arch are somewhat uncommon. Typically they depict one or two. One can easily speculate that this dial must have been painted by a real bird lover. In the background are is a country cottage and windmill set in a valley. Behind this quaint homestead of commerce is a mountain range. Florals adorn the two upper spandrel areas. Strawberries are painted in the two lower corners. The time is displayed in a traditional format. Roman numerals mark the hours and Arabic numerals are used to indicate the five minute markers and seconds. This clock also features a month calendar below the center arbor. The hands are nicely made.

The movement is constructed in brass. It is weight powered, wound with a crank key and designed to run for an eight-day duration. It is good quality. This clock will also strike each hour on a bell which is mounted above the movement.

This clock was made circa 1800. It’s overall height is 87.5 inches or 7 feet 3.5 inches tall to the top of the center finial. This case is of very modest height. This clock is inventory number 212122.


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