"Eclipse Regulator." E. N. Welch Manufacturing Company of Forestville, Connecticut. -Sold-

2449 "Eclipse Regulator." E. N. Welch Manufacturing Company of Forestville, Connecticut.

This model, the “Eclipse “ is in wonderful original condition.

The case is wood is oak and retains it's original finish which has naturally crazed and darkened over the years. The mellow patina is just as one would expect from a clock that was left untouched while in service in the past owners home. As a result, the applied moldings are original to this clock and are nicely detailed or scribed. This help accentuate this form giving it a pleasing character. The door is fitted with glass and allows one to view the motion of the pendulum when the clock is running. Through this same door one views the clock's dial. This paper dial measures approximately eight inches in diameter and is applied to a tin pan that is trimmed with a brass ring. This dial displays the hours on Roman numerals. In addition, a calendar dial is indicated with red Arabic numerals along the outer edge of the time ring. The day calendar is indicated or displayed with the red had, The movement is mounted to the backboard. It is constructed in brass and is powered by a coil spring. This is a time only design and fully wound, should run an eight day duration. The front plate features the Maker's die-stamped. The pendulum hangs from the back of the case. The rod is made of wood. This supports a brass covered bob.

This clock measures approximately 34.5 inches long, 15.25 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep. It was made circa 1890.


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