W. Elliott LTD. London, England.  -SOLD-

This is a very late mahogany case dial clock with back plate signed , “MADE BY / W. ELLIOTT LTD / ENGLAND / 1941.”

This clock is exceptional quality. The case is constructed in mahogany. It is fitted with two access doors. One is on the right side panel and allows one access to hang the pendulum. The second door is located at the bottom of the case below the movement. Through this one can start the pendulum and adjust it for time. This mahogany box serves several purposes. It is solid construction having corners that are neatly dovetailed. The strength is necessary because the clock is secured to the wall from this point. It also serves as a dust cover for the movement and supports the large mahogany turned bezel. The mahogany bezel frame supports the painted iron dial. This dial measures approximately 14 inches in diameter and features a time ring that is formatted with large Roman hour numerals. The dial is protected by glass. The outer edge is beveled and fits into a cast brass bezel that is hinged on the right. The wooden bezel frame is secured to the box with via a peg system which is common for this later form. Four dial feet or posts mount the dial directly to the movement. The time is indicated by the two steel hands which have been blued and are the traditional form.

The movement is very well constructed. The heavy brass plates are held in place with four posts. The back plate is die stamped with the following information. “MADE BY / W. ELLIOTT LTD / ENGLAND / 1941.” This movement is powered by a large coil spring which is designed to run the clock for eight-days on a full wind. The single train incorporates a fusee cone. This use of the fusee cone provides a more linear pull of power by the large spring as the power enters the time train gearing. This is a design that the French invented but the British perfected.

It is very unusual to find such a late London example in the American marketplace. This example represents the last era of mechanical clocks.


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