Morbier tall case clock of French origin. -SOLD-

This very decorative tall clock is French in origin. This form has several names. Some of which include, a Morbier, a Morez or a Comtoise clock. The case is constructed in spruce and is decorated in its original paint. An added bonus is the colorfully paint decorated flowers. The case stands on a nicely cut out bracket feet. They are set apart from the base by an applied molding and the paint details. A canted base section supports the waist. The waist section is a common form for clocks made in this region. The pregnant form allows room for the large pendulum to operate. This can be viewed through the glass in the door. The bonnet houses the mechanism. The top of the case terminates in a flat cornice molding. The Morbier movement, as is the case, are from the Comte’ Region of France. The circular portion of the dial is porcelain with numerals that have been applied in paint and fired. It is signed in this location by the Maker. A nicely pressed brass relief mask surrounds the dial. This decorative treatment is repeated in the construction of the large pendulum. The movement is good quality. It is composed of a combination of brass and iron and will run for a period of eight days. It also strikes the hour with the addition of a repeat feature that strikes the hour again at four minutes past. This clock was made circa 1870 and stands approximately 7 feet 6.5 inches tall.


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