E. N. Welch Alexis No. 1 wall clock. Daniel Pratt & Sons Label. 30 day extended runner.

This fine clock was retailed by Daniel Pratt & Sons of Reading, Massachusetts. This firm would have purchased this clock from E. N. Welch of Bristol, CT and sold it under their own label in their Reading showroom.

This is a very attractive clock. The figure eight shaped case is constructed in rosewood and retains a darker finish. The carvings that separate the two sections of the case are executed in a floral theme. The lower section is fitted with a door that frames a decorative glass panel or tablet. This is formatted with concentric gilt rings which is original to this clock. The motion of the brass faced pendulum bob can be seen through this glass. The upper section is fitted with a painted dial. The dial pan is tin or zinc and measures 12 inches in diameter. The chapter ring features large Roman numerals which mark the hours. Nicely designed hands will indicate the time. The movement is mounted to the backboard. It is constructed in a combination of brass gearing, steel shafts and pinions and steel coil springs. The skeletonized plate have been finished in nickel. The front plate is die-stamped by the maker along with the patent date. This movement is designed to run for 30 days on a full wind using both springs to provide the power in order to run the extended duration. The backboard is covered in a protective paper. The lower section features Daniel Pratt & Sons’ label.

This fine clock was made circa 1880. It is approximatel 26 inches long, 16 inches wide and 4.75 inches deep.


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