E. N. Welch Ripple case Beehive Mantel Clock.

This clock retains it’s original blue label that pays homage to the “Late J. C. Brown.”

This is a very clean ripple pattern beehive mantel clock measuring approximately 19 inches tall, 10.5 inches wide and 4 inches deep. The case is veneered in mahogany and retains an older finish. A ripple pattern is applied to the front surfaces that form the frame of this case. Ripple patterns are reminiscent of the design found on many wicker chairs. The pattern exhibited here is very tight and well executed. Open the door and you will see that this clock retains its’ original manufacturer’s label which is pasted inside the case on the backboard. It lists the location of manufacture in Forestville, Conn, U. S. A. It is in very good condition. The dial is painted on tin and features a Roman numeral formatted time ring. The eight day movement is brass construction. It is spring wound and designed to run eight days on a full wind. It is a time and strike design and is good quality. The Manufacturer’s name is die stamped into the front plate. This clock also features and alarm. The tablet is original to the clock and is held in place with wooden strips. The motion of the brass faced pendulum bob will be visible through this glass.

This excellent example was made circa 1860.

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