E. N. Welch, Regulator No. 11. Wall hanging clock. Long runner.

This model, the “Regulator Number 11,” is in very good original condition. The case is wood oak and is cataloged as “Antique Oak.” This example retains it’s original finish. The top and bottom crest are original to this clock and are applied to the case. They are highlighted with decorative scribed details. Most of which can be seen on the front facing surfaces. These help accentuate the form. The front of this clock features a large dome topped door that is fitted with glass. This allows one to view the dial, the motion of the long pendulum rod and bob and to view the decorative E. N. Welch Swing indicator mounted inside the case. The dial decoration is done on paper and applied to a tin pan. This is also original to this clock. The dial measure 10 inches in diameter. It features a Roman numeral time track and a small subsidiary seconds dial which is located just below the hour numeral twelve. The movement is constructed in brass and is mounted directly to the case. The plates are formatted in an “A frame format.” The front plate is clearly die stamped by the manufacturer, “E. N. Welch Mfg. Co. Forestville, Conn. U. S. A.” It is interesting to note that this movement may be considered a variant. The catalogs list this clock as being a thirty day runner. This clock runs just eight days and is a time only design. It is good quality. The long pendulum hangs from the back of the case. It features a gilded wood rod and a large bob covered in brass.


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