Anglo-American School Clock. VANDYKE REGULATOR. -SOLD-

This is a very decorative clock. Decorative wood inlays form floral patterns which border the dial, lower door and the base of the case form. This lighter wood contrast with the darker rosewood. The result is a clock that visually pops off the wall. The bezel has a beveled outer edge. This frames the spun brass bezel that is fitted with glass. The glass protects the painted dial. This dial is formatted with a standard time ring that features Roman hour numerals. The hands that indicate the time are decoratively formed. The center section is fitted with a door. This frames a tablet or glass that is paint decorated from the back. The tablet is original to this clock and advertises "VANDYKE REGULATORS." If one were to open this door, you would find a very colorful label pasted onto the backboard. It reads, "Superior / 8 DAY CLOCK. / With Extra Bushed Movement./ Warranted if Well Used / for HOME & ABROAD." This label is in mint condition. In the lower section as it curves back to the wall is the inlay of a horse. It is depicted in a gallop with it's legs outstretched and it's mane whispped back by the wind.

The movement is brass, spring wound, eight day duration, striking the hour on the hour. The front plate is die-stamped with a "Trade Mark" and the Latin phrase Tempus Raptor. This loosely translates to mean that time is a thief. Please see the picture for the pattern. The plates are secured with machine screws. The escape wheel is constructed with six spokes and its bridge is riveted. It is good quality.

This clock was made circa 1890. It measures approximately inches 27.5 long, 16.5 inches wide at the bezel and is 5 inches deep.


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