E. Howard & Co., Boston, Massachusetts. Model No. 72. Wall Regulator. Dated 7-1884. Ordered for Portland, Maine's 1st National Bank.

The E. Howard shop records indicated that this clock was ordered through the Boston office on July 1st. It was shipped to William E. Gould, a cashier, to be installed in the 1st National Bank in Portland Maine. This clock was ordered with a 14 inch dial having a block signature. The case was to be cherry. It was to be delivered by July 15th. The catalog states that this clock originally sold for approximately $85.

This clock was designed for excellent service. The weight driven movement is die-stamped by the Maker on the front plate, “E. Howard & Co., Boston. No., 12.” It is designed with a Graham Dead Beat Escapement, maintaining power, double suspension spring mounting and a Geneva Stop winding mechanism. The brass movement is designed to run eight days on a full wind. The pendulum rod is made of seasoned cherry and retains it’s original silver paint. The heavy bob is nickel plated and features a damascened design or pattern on the front surface. The enameled zinc dial measures approximately 14 inches in diameter and is original to this clock. It features the Maker’s name and working location as well as a true seconds spit.

The cherry case is nicely decorated with various carvings and retains it’s original finish. The construction of this case is designed to compensate for expansion and contraction as a result changes of humidity and temperature. As a result, when these large regulator clocks are set up properly, they vary only seconds a month. This examples measures 5 feet 5 inches long and was made in July of 1884. It is dated in pencil inside the case on the top board.

This clock is inventory number 218005.


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