E. Howard & Co., of Boston, MA. Model No. 61. A Floor Standing Astronomical Regulator Clock. -SOLD-

This very impressive floor standing regulator was made by the E. Howard & Company of Boston, Massachusetts. This clock is cataloged as the Model Number 61. It was originally offered in three choices of wood. They are oak, walnut or cherry. This example is constructed in black walnut and retains it’s original finish. The color and tones are outstanding.

This outstanding example, like most big Howard regulators, is not an easy model to locate. Very few large Howard clocks come onto the public marketplace. Today, they are very desirable and eagerly sought out by a number of serious collectors. This model in the 1880’s, would have sold for approximately $250. In comparison, the E. Howard model No. 5 banjo sold for $20.

This case is constructed in black walnut and features outstanding figured panels and veneered highlights. All case parts are original with the exception of the applied carvings located at the top of the case. These have been professionally restored. This case bear the Numeral “6” diestamped into the top of the case in three locations. The glass or vitrolite dial measures 14.5 inches in diameter. The formatting is painted from the back and has had very minor restoration. The heavily brass constructed eight day weight powered movement, measuring approximately 9.5 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide and 2.25 inches deep. “L.P. Emerson 1876” is engraved on the top edge of the backplate. Emerson was a forman of the Howard movement test facility. His name has been found on numerous other Howard examples. Dana Blackwell reported that Emerson was also in charge of setting up special trains and escapements. This movement features a Graham dead beat escapement with red ruby pallets. The escape wheel bushings are ruby hole jewels. The remaining bushings are brass. This clock is fitted with maintaining power and a full Geneva Stop winding mechanism. The movement retains it’s original brass top and side dust covers. The front plate is die-stamped E. Howard & Co. Boston. The keystone with suspension is numbered “6” and number “147”. The clock has a brass and steel pendulum with rating nut and 4 jar mercury pendulum bob which is numbered “2583”, “154”, and “10”. The correct brass pulley with a five spoke wheel is numbered “4.” The large brass weight is original to this clock and retains it’s original damascene decoration. This clock was owned by Albert Horton. Albert Horton is listed in the 1870 Boston Directories as a Watchmaker, Silversmith and a related Craftsman. The dimensions are as follows: 93.5 inches tall, 30.5 inches wide and 13 inches deep.


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