A New England tall case clock in blue paint. A country clock.

This very colorful example is formatted in the traditional proportions that one would expect in a case that was made in the North Shore region of Massachusetts. This case is constructed in pine and features a very thin painted blue surface. This recreated milk paint treatment has been recently applied to this case. Areas of wear have been manufactured to simulate the feeling of a 18th century painted case. This process has been very well done and the color can be best described as “Robin’s Egg Blue.”

The case stands up off the floor on applied bracket feet that retain their original height. The waist section is long and is fitted with a large rectangular shaped waist door. This door is trimmed with and applied molding. Through this door, one can gain access to the two original tin can weights and the brass rod and brass covered pendulum bob. The sides of the waist are fitted with smoothly turned quarter columns. These both terminate in brass quarter capitals. The bonnet features a traditional New England style pierced and open fret work pattern. It incorporates three finial plinths and three brass ball and spike finials. The free standing bonnet columns are turned smooth and terminate and are mounted in brass capitals. The bonnet door is an arched form and is fitted with glass. This protects the painted iron dial.

This dial is colorfully paint decorated. Interestingly, this dial lacks the raised gesso worked that is traditionally found on imported dials from this period. This gesso work is often located in the borders of the spandrel areas and in the decoration found in the arch. As a result, the florals are presented in a slightly more free flowing approach. The time ring features Roman hour numerals. Arabic five minute markers are positioned above each hour. The time is indicated by the nicely designed steel hands. These hands are hand filed into a lovely pattern. This dial displays the seconds and calendar day in the traditional locations.

The movement is constructed in brass. It is designed to run eight days on a full wind and is weight driven. This clock strikes the hours on a cast iron bell. It is good quality.

This clock stands approximately 7 feet 6 inches tall and was made circa 1800.

This clock is inventory number 213076.


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