A Federal Cherrywood Tall Case Clock of Pennsylvania origin. -SOLD-

This cherry cased clock is constructed in cherry. The wood selected for the waist door an applied base panel is wonderfully figured. The grain pattern features long sweeping lines.

This case is set up on applied bracket feet. The base is constructed with a very unusual detail on the front two corners. They have been shaped to look like smoothly turned quarter columns have been inset in the relief. This quarter column is a very small diameter. This detail is repeated in the waist section. The front of the base panel features a large applied panel that is trimmed with a beaded edge. This is also repeated in the waist section in the design of the waist door. This door is hinged and opens to access the pendulum and weights. The bonnet is constructed with a swan’s neck or arched top pediment that is applied above the flat molding. The arches are nicely formed and exhibit good height. They center a wooden turned finial. Fully turned and subtly shaped bonnet columns flank the arched glazed door. This door opens to a painted iron dial.

This painted dial is not signed. It does features a moon phase or lunar calendar in the arch. The four spandrel areas are decorated with urns that are framed in light blue borders. Blue is an unusual color to find decorating a dial. This dial displays the hours, minutes, seconds and the calendar in the traditional locations.

The movement is constructed in brass and is designed to run for an eight day duration. It will strike each hour on a cast iron bell mounted above the movement.

This clock was made circa 1815.

Dimensions: This clock stands approximately 7 feet 8 inches or 92 inches tall to the top of the brass finial. It is approximately 20 inches wide and 10.75 inches deep at the upper hood or bonnet molding. This clock is inventory number 210091.


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