Roth Brothers Manufacturers, New York. This is a 2-day chronometer presented in a vertical format.

The vast majority of chronometers are fitted in wooded boxes and positioned in a horizontal format. This is a very unusual clock is displayed in an up right manner for all to see. As a result, one could categorize it as a mantel clock. The presentation is very appealing. It is easy to speculate that it was a special order.

The circular formed case is brass. It has been polished and protected with a lacquer finish. It is mounted to an oval wooden platform that sits flat on a desk. The case is fitted with two removable bezels. Both of which are fitted with beveled glass. The front bezel protects the seven inch brass dial. This dial has been treated with a silver wash. The engraving are very well don and filled with black wax. The contrast is excellent. This silvered dial is engraved with the Maker’s name. It reads in large letters, “Roth Brothers / Chronometer Manufacturers / New York.” The astrologically formatted dial features minutes along the perimeter of the dial. A subsidiary seconds dial is located above the subsidiary hour dial. Each dial is independent of the other. Each dial has a dedicated hand to display the position of the time. The independent minutes and seconds increments are formatted in Arabic style numerals. The hours are displayed in Roman style numerals. The back bezel is fitted with clear glass so that one can view the brass constructed movement. This movement is very high quality and is designed to run two-days on a full winding. The spring transfers its’ power via a chain drive through a fusee cone. The escapement features a helical hairspring balance and a detent chronometer escapement that has a two-arm bi-metallic balance. This movement is also fitted with maintaining power.

The overall height is of this fine timepiece is approximately 11 inches.


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