Ball Watch Company of Cleveland, Ohio. "REGULATOR No. 3" Wall clock. -SOLD-

Ball Watch Company of Cleveland, Ohio ordered a number of clock models from the Seth Thomas Clock Company of Thomaston, Connecticut. The more common examples included the Number 3 and the 12 Inch Drop.

This Model Number 3 is constructed in oak which retains an older crisp and clean finish. The veneer around the bezel is in excellent condition. The two side returns at the bottom of the case have been replaced. They are professionally made in the correct form. The color on the front matches well. This case measures approximately 44 inches long.

The painted zinc dial measures 14 inches in diameter is original to this clock. It features a subsidiary seconds dial and large Roman hour numerals. The large dial makes this model easy to read from across the room. This dial is signed by the retailer across the center.

The movement is brass and of good quality. It is weight powered and designed to run eight days on a full wind. It features tapered plates in the form of a trapazoide, The clockmaker's die-stamped "ST" impressed on the front plate, a Graham deadbeat escapement and maintaining power. The pendulum is composed of a wood rod and brass covered zinc bob which is designed to compensate for changes in temperature. The weight is also brass and features knurled edges.

The Clockmaker's label remains in the bottom of the case. This clock made circa 1890.


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