John Wood of Grantham, UK. Tall case clock.

A fine mahogany long case clock with brass dial signed “John Wood Grantham.”

This clock is wonderfully constructed. It measures 7 feet 9.5 inches tall to the top of the brass finial. The base stands on applied bracket feet. The forward facing panel is cross banded with a mahogany border. This frames a figured panel. The waist section is long and narrow featuring a nicely shaped waist door and fluted columns which are inset into the corners of the case. The fluted columns terminated in turned wooden capitals. The upper bonnet molding is supported with numerous modillion moldings that are evening spaced along the lower section. The facade of this waist molding is decorated with a Greek key design. This supports the bonnet which features a swan’s neck pediment design. The arches terminated in a carved rosette. Pierced and open frets decorated the center section. Inset blind frets are incorporated in the facade. The door is arched, glazed and tomb-stoned shaped. Fully turned and fluted bonnet columns ending in brass capitals flank it’s sides. The upper capitals are a Corinthian design. This case exhibits good wood selections throughout its’ construction.

The brass composite dial predates the painted dial. It is composed of a brass base sheet that is decorated with applied spandrels and chapter rings. In the arch of the dial is a silent / strike indicator. This allows one to turn on and off the striking portion of the clock by moving the indicating hand manually. The large chapter ring is also applied to the dial. This ring displays the hours in a Roman numeral format. The five minute markers are indicated in each of the hour positions. The center of this section is nicely engraved with a floral motif that surrounds a subsidiary seconds dial which is engraved and a calendar. It is in this location that this dial is signed with the Maker’s name, “John Wood” and his working location, “Grantham.” The steel hands are nicely made.

Behind the dial, is a brass weight driven movement. It is designed to run eight days on a full wind. It will also strike each hour on a cast iron bell. The movement is supported by a seaboard. The pendulum features a metal rod and a brass faced lead bob. It is good quality.

This clock was made circa 1785.


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