Marshall & Adams of Seneca Falls, New York. An empire case shelf clock. -SOLD-

RR-10 Marshall & Adams of Seneca Falls, New York.

This is an outstanding example of a Column and Cornice shelf clock. One can easily see the Empire influence in the design of this form. This example is in unbelievable original condition. The case is constructed in mahogany veneers. The veneer is richly figured and retains it’s original finish. The case stands up on carved paw feet. Each foot features four nicely shaped toes. Fully turned columns flank the sides of the case. These are slightly tapered. The bottoms of the columns are secured in a turn wooden Doric capital. The top features a decoratively carve element that transitions to a Corinthian capital. Above this is is the cornice top which features a beveled edge and a robust overhang. The lower door is fitted with a reverse painted tablet. The decoration is in the form of a large red curtain. This curtain is tied back so that one can view the brass pendulum bob that swings in the center of the opening and the colored lithograph that is secured to the backboard with a mahogany framing. The lithograph depicts a scene of Saratoga Springs and is so titled. The next glass panel is framed with a crossbanded mahogany border and then a cock beaded edge. The tablet located here is decorated with a gilt design place on a black field. The upper door is fitted with clear glass. Like the lower door, it features a decorative glass pull. The upper most tablet is colorfully painted with a floral theme. All of the glass and it’s decoration is original to this clock.

The dial is wood and the decoration is complex and in excellent condition. The movement is constructed in brass and is designed to run eight days on a wind and to strike each hour on the hour. This movement is powered with two large cast iron weights. This movement design may be their earliest. It is considered a movement, Type I, resembling a style made by S. B. Terry having a solid back plate.

Overall, this example is in first rate condition. The case measures approximately 40 inches tall, 23 inches wide and 8.25 inches deep at the upper cornice molding. It was made circa 1834.

About Marshall & Adams of Seneca Falls, New York.

The firm of Marshall & Adams located in Seneca Falls, New York was formed in 1834. Chauncey Marshall a businessman / financier and Elmer W. Adams a clockmaker originating from Connecticut produced wood and brass movement clocks from 1834 through 1836. It is reported that at one point, they did approximately $40,000 per year in sales. Their sales model was to sell clocks via peddlers that traveled West.


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