Albany region of New York. An unsigned tall case clock.

29102 Albany, New York tall case clock. Unsigned

This beautifully inlaid mahogany case tall clock is of New York State origin. This attribution to this region is as a result of the proportions and the formatting of the inlays exhibited in this case.

This intricate case form is typical of some of the finest New York State cases of the neoclassical period. Note the exceptional mahogany woods used in the construction of this case. The veneers selected exhibit excellent grain structure. In addition, this case features first rate inlay work which can be seen throughout the entire case design. The bold proportions suggest that this case example was made for wealthy owner.

This case stands on four flared French feet. These transition into a nicely shaped drop apron. The base panel is crossbanded and line inlaid with a large oval. These decorative details are repeated in the waist section. Here a large waist door features a subtle scroll at the top. The door is also crossbanded and line inlaid. The corners of the waist are fitted with fluted quarter columns which terminate in turned wooden quarter capitals. Bookend inlays are displayed in the upper waist. This detail is repeated in the hood or bonnet which features a swan’s neck pediment. A single brass finial surmounts the case. Fluted bonnet columns flank the arched bonnet door. This opens to access the dial.

The nicely painted dial is unsigned. Colorful floral themes are displayed in the four spandrel areas and in the arch. The time hours, minutes, seconds and calendar date are displayed in a traditional format.

Behind the dial, is a brass weight driven movement. It is designed to run eight days on a full wind. It will also strike each hour on a cast iron bell. The plates are supported with four turned posts. All of which is mounted to seat or a saddle board. The winding drums are grooved to accept the weight cord. The pendulum features a brass faced lead bob.

This clock was made circa 1805. It’s overall height is 7 feet 11.5 inches tall.

This clock is $8,500.


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