David Studley. A clockmaker working in Hanover, Massachusetts. His last clock.

This fine mahogany case Shelf Clock was made by David Studley of Hanover, Massachusetts. This clock is the last clock that he made.

This fine mahogany case clock retains an older finish. It stands up on four applied feet. The two located at the back of the case are simply turned. The front two are wonderfully carved in the form of stylized animal paws, each having four toes. The front is fitted with a large door that is divided into two sections. The lower section features a reverse painted glass. The decoration or art work is very colorful It depicts a pastoral scene. A two story colonial home is set up on a hill. A gilt border frames the scene. A second gilt border frames the viewing window in the center of the glass. This section is left open in order to view the motion of the brass faced pendulum bob. The upper section is fitted with clear glass. Through this one can view the dial of this clock.

The dial is wood. It is panted and features gilt work in each of the four spandrel areas. The time ring is formatted with Roman style hour numerals. The Makers name and working location are signed on the dial below the center arbor.

The movement shares the design found in a tall case clock. It is constructed in brass and is weight powered. Two heavy plates are supported by four turned posts. It is a time and strike design and will run eight days on a full wind. It features a rack and snail striking system that will strike the hour on the hour on a cast iron bell which is mounted above the movement. This is very good quality.

Inside the case is a hand written label that is tacked onto the backboard. It reads, "Last clock made by / David Studley / 1842 / Made to last forever / If taken care of."

This case has the following dimensions: 30.75 inches tall, 17 inches wide and 6.25 inches deep.

Inventory Number SS-170.

About David Studley of Hingham and Hanover, Massachusetts.

David Studley was born in Hanover, Massachusetts on March 31, 1783 and died in West Hanover on October 30, 1873 at the age of 90. At his death, he was reported to be the oldest man in Hanover. David had two sons that were involved in clockmaking. Benjamin F. was born in 1823 and died by his own hand in on Oct. 15, 1874 in Plymouth, MA. David E. was born in 1812. He was a Watchmaker and a Jeweler and in 1834 moved to North Bridgewater (now Brockton.) He died in on April 24, 1873. David Sr., served his apprenticeship under John Bailey Jr., the Quaker Clockmaker from the same town. Other apprentices that may have served with Bailey include his three sons John, Calvin and Lebbeus as well as Ruben Tower. In 1806, David described himself as a Hingham Clockmaker in a civil lawsuit that he brought against Hingham Clockmaker Joseph Bailey over an unpaid debt for whom he apparently made some clocks. During the period 1806 through 1809, Studley worked as a journey man for the Hanover Clockmaker Calvin Bailey son of John Jr. By 1850, Studley retired from clockmaking and is listed as a farmer in the 1850 Federal Census. He bequeathed all his clockmaking tools to his son Benjamin. To date, both Massachusetts shelf clocks and dwarf clocks have been found.


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