E. Howard & Co., of Boston, MA. Model No. 5. Banjo clock. Wall timepiece.

This attractive timepiece is called the Model Number 5 and was made by the E. Howard & Company of Boston, Massachusetts.

The E. Howard & Company offered five sizes of this banjo form. This example is the smallest of the five and is the most commonly found. The largest size is called the Model Number 1.

The Number 5 size has very pleasing proportions measuring approximately 29 inches long. The case is constructed in cherry and traditionally they are grained with india ink in order to achieve the look of rosewood. This example has been professionally regrained in the recent past. The original grain pattern may have been lost in a prior attempt to clean the case. Not knowing it is grained with ink, it can be easily removed. The frames are fitted with reverse painted tablets or glasses. Both tablets appear to be original to this example. The black, gold and red painted designs are the traditional E. Howard color combinations. The painted iron dial measures seven inches in diameter. It is signed in a script letter format. The movement is made of brass and is excellent quality. It is weight driven and has a recoil escapement. It is a very accurate time keeper for it's small size. The movement is die stamped on the front plate, "E. Howard & Company, Boston." The original weight is cast in iron. The brass bob features a ring turned design. Alternating bands are decorated with a damascene design. This bob is supported by the original wooden rod.

This late example was made circa 1900.

Inventory number RR-75.


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