Birge, Peck & Co. of Bristol, Connecticut. A triple decker shelf clock. SS168

This is a wonderful example that is in excellent condition. The case measures approximately 36.25 inches tall, 15.75 inches wide and 5.25 inches deep. Many triple deckers are built on a larger, more masculine scale. This example is quite nice and is not overpowering in stature. The large size was determined by the weight fall. At this height, the weights have enough room to run the clock for eight-days before it needs to be wound again. The case is divided into three sections. The lower panels are paint decorated for the back. The artwork is in exceptional condition. They are William Fenn designs. The upper section is fitted with a door that provides access to the dial. The case is elevated on turned wooden feet that are finished in gilt. The columns are also decorated with gilt work. The center sections of four of them featured a painted smoke decoration. At the top of the case is a gallery. The predominant decorative feature is the carved eagle that is applied to the splat. Its wing stretch over some additional smoke decoration. The dial is painted on tin and features floral themes in the corners. The center of the dial has an open cut out in order to view the brass made movement. This clock was made during the transition from wooden movements to more reliable brass designs. The cut out allowed one to visually notice that this clock was a version that incorporated the latest technology. The movement in this clock was constructed in brass. The plates are formed by riveting straps of brass together. The gearing being located between the frames. This is a time and strike design. It is weight powered and will run eight-days. It will strike each hour on the hour. (The photo of the movement was taken before the movement was cleaned and overhauled.) The pasted label on the backboard can be viewed by opening the lower door. It is in wonderful original condition.

This super clock is a survivor. It is in outstanding original condition. Clocks like this one were intended to sit on a wall shelf, mantel or piece of furniture. This example was made circa 1845.

This clock is inventory number SS-168.

This clock is inventory number SS-168.

About Birge, Peck & Co. of Bristol, Connecticut.

The Birge, Peck & Co. of Bristol, Connecticut was a firm comprised of John Birge, Ambrose Peck, Samuel Taylor and William R. Richards. This venture started in 1849 and lasted until 1859. John Birge retired in 1855.

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