Ithaca Calendar Clock Company, Standard Box Skeleton.

A fantastic mantel clock made circa 1880. This model always attracts a lot of attention in our shop. Interestingly, it was made in two case variations. The design changes affected the size and height of the upper molding and the style of the applied carving. This is the example that features a larger more intricate carving than the more common version.

This clock is housed in a walnut framed case that is highlighted with ebony trim and retains an older finish. The case stands approximately 24 inches tall and encloses an open frame clockwork mechanism. The cast iron frame features an applied nickel finish. The upper time dial is only 4.5 across and is left open in the center in order to view the escape wheel and motion work. The lower calendar dial is 6.25 in diameter and is also open in the center. In this location, the day of the week, day of the month and calendar day are displayed. Both roles are original to this example. The movement is a time and strike design and will run for 8 days on a full wind. It is powered by coil springs.


About Ithaca Clock Company of Ithaca, New York.

The Ithaca Calendar clock Company was formed in 1865 to manufacture clocks with calendar mechanisms. It was located in Ithaca, New York. Henry B. Horton applied for and was granted a patent on April 18, 1865. This patent was improved several times over its life span. This clock venture ended its operations due to bankruptcy on March 14, 1917.


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