Onyx and Champleve Enamel decorated circular case Crystal Regulator mantel clock. -SOLD-

This very attractive Crystal Regulator was made in France circa 1890. This case is constructed in brass that is decorated with colorful champleve enamel on almost all of its surfaces. In addition, two large green onyx platforms featuring shaping are incorporated in the design of this circular case form. All four sides of the case are fitted with glass panels. These panels feature beveled edges and are bowed in order to conform to the circular shape of the case. The front and back of this case are fitted with doors. These provide access to the dial and movement.

The movement is brass and is very good quality. It is spring powered and designed to run eight days on a full wind and to strike each hour on the hour on a wire gong which is mounted to the top of the case. This clock also strikes once on the half hour. The pendulum hangs below the movement. The center of the bob is fitted with a porcelain panel. This panel features a woman figure who is colorfully dressed. This panel is sign Leroy just over her right shoulder. Around the perimeter of the bob is a circular pattern of rhinestones. These are designed to catch light when the pendulum is moving.

The brass dial is also trimmed with a rhinestone ring. The hour numerals are independently painted on the brass dial. The center is decorated with a three dimensional casting and additional enamel work. This dial is signed by the clockmaker “Leroy / Paris. “ The time is indicated by the decoratively designed brass hands.

This exceptional example was made circa 1890. It stands approximately 12.75 inches tall and has a diameter of 8.5 inches across the base.


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