Ithaca Calendar Clock Company Regulator No. 1 Regulator double dial clock with sweep seconds hand. Ithaca Calendar Clock Company. Ithaca, New York.

This is in my opinion the most attractive and impressive wall clock the Ithaca Calendar Clock Company made. It is cataloged as the No. 1 Regulator and was made by the Ithaca Clock Company of Ithaca, New York. This example is No. 23 and was made in sold in 1892. This information can be found written in pencil between the two dials behind the mask board.

This case is constructed in walnut and retains an older finish that has ben rubbed out. The texture and the present coloring are excellent. Applied to this case are a number of decorative carvings. Some of these include floral patterns, shields and finials. The manner in which these elements are executed add to the victorian feel of this model. Even the sides of this case nicely shaped in the form of a subtle "S" curve or ogee. The front section of the case is fitted with a large glass door. This opens to allow one access to the two large paper dials and the clock’s pendulum. As a result, there is a wooden mask board that has three separate opening in it. This board is painted black and is decorated with fancy designs that are highlighted in white paint. This mask board is original to this clock and is in excellent condition. The upper two openings frame the paper dials which measure 12 inches in diameter and are in excellent original condition. The upper dial displays the time. The time ring is closed and the hours are indicated in Roman style numerals. The hour and minute hands feature a maltese pattern. One may also notice a third very thin hand. This is a sweep seconds hand it it will make a complete revolution once a minute. The lower dial is the calendar dial. This displays the day of the week and the month on rollers. The calendar day is displayed along the perimeter and is indicated by the thin hand that turns from the center of this dial. One will also find the the clock company info in this location. Above center is the Ithaca Clock Company’s trademark, "ICCC." Below center the following information is printed, "MANUFACTURED BY / THE / ITHACA CALENDAR CLOCK CO., / ITHACA, N. Y. / PATENTED / April 18th, and August 28th, 1866." The third and lower opening displays the pendulum bob. Here the back of the case is finished and the nickle plated bob and its’ gridiron decoration can be easily viewed.

Behind the dials are two mechanisms. The upper movement is the time movement. It is constructed in brass and is powered by two cast iron weights. The weights descend on either side of the case. This movement is designed to run for 8-days on a full wind. This clock does not strike the hour. The thirty nine inch wooden pendulum rod hangs from the back of the case and swings from a trapeze suspension. The escapement is designed as a deadbeat.

The calendar mechanism is mounted on a seat-board behind the calendar dial. This mechanism is framed in cast iron and the gearing is brass. The paper label for the days and the months are applied on wooden rollers. These turn from a impulse that is transferred from the time movement via metal rods.

This impressive wall mounted clock measures 72 inches long, 21 inches wide and approximately 8.5 inches deep.

About Ithaca Clock Company of Ithaca, New York.

The Ithaca Calendar clock Company was formed in 1865 to manufacture clocks with calendar mechanisms. It was located in Ithaca, New York. Henry B. Horton applied for and was granted a patent on April 18, 1865. This patent was improved several times over its life span. This clock venture ended its operations due to bankruptcy on March 14, 1917.


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