George Monks (II) & Son of Prescott, England. An inlaid mahogany case tall clock.

This is an inlaid mahogany tall case clock with painted dial signed “Geo. Monks & Son, Prescott.”

This is an impressive looking clock. This case exhibits wonderful wood selections throughout its construction which are highlighted with numerous line inlay patterns. This high quality of cabinetry and the woods selected for this example are typical of the Lancaster region of England.

The case stands on four applied ogee bracket feet. The base panel features multiple inlay patterns including a large circular line inlay. The front corners of the base are canted and the lower waist molding conforms to accept this detail. The waist section also features a number of interesting and decorative designs. The waist door is shaped in a gothic form at the top having three distinctive peaks. The outer edge is line inlaid and a large oval inlay is positioned in the center. This door is set above an and inlaid rectangular panel that also features a line inlaid oval. Additional inlays patterns and fancy veneers are located on the outer edges of the waist and help to visually center the waist door. The bonnet features a variation of the swans neck form. This example is a heavy design which is filled in the center and incorporates an inlaid overhang. In addition, the outer corners are boxed or squared. This detail is position above the base of the swans neck moldings. The central pediment is fitted with a single brass finial. Free standing inlaid bonnet columns support the upper bonnet facade which is also decoratively inlaid. The bonnet door is arched and glazed. It opens to a colorfully painted iron dial.

The painted iron dial features a lunar calendar or moon phase mechanism in the arch. The four spandrel areas are colorfully decorated. The time ring is traditionally formatted. The hours are displayed with Roman numerals. Arabic numerals are used to indicate the quarter hour markers. This dial also displays the date of the month calendar and the seconds on subsidiary dials located inside the time track. Additional artwork in the form florals and two large colorful of birds are painted in this location. This dial is in very nice original condition and is signed in the traditional location below the calendar aperture.

This movement is constructed in brass and is good quality. It is weight driven and designed to run eight days on a full wind. It is a time and strike design having a rack and snail striking system. As a result, it will strike each hour on the hour. This is done on a cast iron bell which is mounted above the movement.

This clock stands approximately 7 feet 9 inches tall to the top of the center finial. It was made circa 1825.

About George Monks (II) & Son of Prescott, England.

George Monks (II) is listed in Brain Loomes new book, “Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World.” Loomes lists two George Monks. The first George was born in 1750 and died in 1815. His son, George (II), the Maker of this example, was born in 1775 and died in 1827. Both father and son worked in Prescott. The town of Prescott, England is located 7 miles East of the city of Liverpool in Lancaster County. This clock certainly has many of the midland attributes.


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