Elisha Manross of Bristol, Connecticut. An Early CT Gallery Clock. SS149

This is an excellent example of a mahogany-cased gallery clock that retains its original finish. The case, or the dial bezel, is constructed in multiple pieces of mahogany wood. These are glued together, and the complex shaping is achieved by turning the bezel on a lathe. The glass is a convex shape. The outer bow provides additional space for the hands to move freely. The bezel hinged on the right and opens after being unlatched on the left. This provides access to the painted wooden dial, the hands, and the winding arbor. The dial is in outstanding original condition. The closed minute ring measures approximately 9.5 inches in diameter. Roman-style hour numerals mark each of the hour positions. The Maker’s name is wonderfully signed in script lettering. It also includes his working location of “Bristol Ct. U S.”

The movement is constructed in brass. Both plates have been stamped to conserve brass. The stampings on the left are an unusual but familiar shape. These multiple holes are the shape of the key/winding handles that this business used in the design of their winding keys. The stampings were repurposed into the handles for keys. This movement is powered by its original brass spring, intended to power the movement for eight days. The pendulum is hung from a bracket that is mounted to the backboard. The Manufacturer’s label is applied to the inside of the case onto the backboard. It is also in excellent original condition.

This clock measures approximately 14 inches in diameter and 5 inches deep. This is a super clock in outstanding original condition. It was made circa 1845.



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