Skeleton Clock. English made. A smaller size, fusee, time only mantel clock. -SOLD-

This clock is constructed on a smaller scale that most of the other examples we see. It measures approximately 12 inches tall to the top of the dome, 8.25 inches wide at the base and 5.25 inches deep. it was constructed sometime around 1880.

This Skeleton clock is finely made. The plates are nicely shaped and decoratively formatted. They are mounted to a wooden base that supports the clock’s original glass dome. Red velvet is positioned under the four mounting caps that support the brass frame. The framing supports the time only brass constructed movement. This spring powered movement is incorperates a fusee cone. It is designed to run eight days on a full wind. The gearing is formatted in a manner to easily allow one visual access to the interior workings. It features an anchor escapement and heavy brass bob. The dial is decoratively designed and features Roman hour numerals. It is also brass and has been treated with a traditional silver wash which contrasts with the brass gearing and framing of the movement.

Please note. The glass dome is very difficult to photograph. It casts many reflections into the lens of the camera.

Inventory Number 213124


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