William S. Johnson of New York, New York. A patriotic miniature ogee with fusees. -SOLD-

This very nice rosewood veneered cased clock features a pasted label that reads, "SPRING CLOCKS / Manufacture and sold by / WILLIAM S. JOHNSON, NO 20 COURTLAND STREET. NY."

It is thought that William S. Johnson was a retailer of clocks. It is not known weather he manufactured any clocks but assembled or even purchased whole clocks and added his label. Johnson was on 20 Courtland street in 1848 through 1849.

This is a very attractive example. It is a desirable model in the collecting world in that it is a miniature ogee form having a fusee movement and a very attractive and colorful tablet. This case measures approximately 19.25 inches tall, 11.75 inches wide and is 4 inches deep. The standard size ogee is often 7 inches taller. This rosewood veneered case retains an older mellow finish. The front of the case is features a door that is divided into two sections. The lower sections features a wonderfully painted tablet. A light blue field surrounds a white border. Inside this is a frosted area and a colorfully painted American bald eagle. The eagle is clutching an American flag in its powerful beak. The bird is perched atop of two cannons. All of this is in excellent original condition. The upper section of the door is fitted with clear glass in order to protect the dial. The dial is painted on wood. The time track is formatted with Roman style hour numerals. The center aperture is quite large insuring that the viewer notices that this clock has a brass constructed movement. The front plate of the movement is signed by “C. Boardman / Bristol, Conn, USA." It is the basic weight driven OG movement modified and powered by Mr. Boardman’s “reverse fusees." It is time and strike designed to run 30 hours on a full wind. The Makers label is applied to the inside of the backboard and is in fine condition. This clock was made circa 1845.


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