Irving & Casson. Retailer from Boston, Mass. Walter Durfee Middleman Providence, RI. Waltham Clock Company Maker. D. J. Steele glass painter / Artist. -SOLD-

This is an outstanding Federal Massachusetts improved timepiece or “Banjo clock” was originally made by the Waltham Clock Company of Waltham, Massachusetts circa 1925. It made for Walter Durfee in Providence, Rhode Island who them wholesaled it to the Boston retailer Irving & Casson. It is a very high quality example from the presentation of the case to the coloring and skill of the reverse painted tablets.

The case is constructed in mahogany. Many of the surfaces retain their original gilding. This includes the outside edge of the backboard, large cast gesso eagle finial, the frames including the rope decoration and the presentation bracket and the brass bezel and sidearms. The gilding is in very good original condition.

The reverse painted tablets are hand painted in excellent colors and demonstrate excellent skill. Both tablets are framed in a stencil design. The throat features a traditional WIllard geometric theme. This tablet is signed in the banners “IRVING / AND CASSON.” The lower tablet is titled “VICTORY ON LAKE CHAMPLAIN.” This was also know as the Battle of Plattsburgh which ended the finial invasion of the Northern states by the British during the War of 1812. This battle was fought shortly before the Treaty of Ghent in September of 1814. The british, some 15,000 strong were hoping to move south and into New York City. General Macomb’s 1500 regulars out gunned them and forced them back into Canada. Because of this victory, the British had very little leverage in negotiating territorial claims in the United States. This is an excellent tablet and is signed by the artist in the lower left. The Artist name is D. J. Steele.

The brass bezel is fitted with convex glass and opens to a painted iron dial featuring Roman hour numerals, a gilt lined inner circle and the Retailer’s name printed in small block lettering. It reads, “IRVING & CASSON / BOSTON.”

The weight driven movement and is designed eight days on a full wind. As one might expect, the quality is outstanding. It features heavy brass plates, maintaining power and a Geneva Stop winding mechanism. The front plate is die-stamped with the Walter Durfee’s name in the upper right corner. It is also numbered “6140” on the left. (Please note that this clock was photographed before we serviced the movement.) The brass movement is mounted with steel screws to the backboard.

This very pretty clock measures approximately 42.5 inches long overall.


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