Union Labor Company of Southington, Connecticut. Wall gallery clock.  -Sold-

A small octagon lever clock attributed to the Union Labor Company in Southington, Connecticut. This is a very unusual clock.

The case in veneered in Rosewood and measures approximately 12 inches across. The brass bezel is fitted with glass and swings open on a hinge that is mounted to the right. The dial is painted on tin. The format of this dial is very unusual. The large hand mounted in the center of the dial is counter balanced. It displays the seconds which are located around the perimiter of the dial. These are indicated in five minute increments. The figures are done in an Arabic style. When this clock is running, this large hand marches around the dial in a brisk manner. It is wonderful to watch. The hours and minutes are shown in a subsidiary dial located above the center arbor. The hours are indicated in Roman figures. An aperture in the bottom half of the main dial allows one to view the motion of the pendulum. The brass bob swings across the back of this opening when the clock is running. The movement is brass and spring powered. It is designed to run 30 hours on a full wind. It has a “Tic tac” style escapement which is mounted at the bottom of the plates.

This clock was made circa 1860. A second clock is known. Interestingly, that clock has a mahogany veneered case.


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